“I came and went through the doors of perception so often that they just started leaving them open for me.” John Langdon

Jung writes, “What takes place between light and darkness, what unites the opposites, always has a share in both sides and can be judged just as well from the left as from the right… the only thing that helps us here is the symbol….with its paradoxical nature it represents the ‘third thing” (CW 13, pp. 134). The Transcendent Fuction Jung used the term “transcendent function” to describe this mediating force that helps us resolve the conflict of the opposites. The transcendent function arises out of intense and concentrated conflicts within the individual. Like the koan of the Zen masters, extreme and painful paradoxes can lead us to a place where we must transcend the ego so that our perception of reality is no longer split into two opposing forces. If one is able to hold the tension long enough, without succumbing to the urge to identify with one side or the other, a third, unique position can arise. (via Thresholds


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